To make our offroad motorsport insurance affordable we’ve have different cover prices dependant on the activity risk and cover period.

Membership Period – Valid from date of purchase until 31st December of the year of membership.

Basic Membership – ( compulsory )

Basic Membership allows access into DSP Sanctioned Event Pit Area provided you are part of a competing team and have been given a pitt pass. Basic Membership assists DSP to support all Sanctioned Events by reducing insurance premiums & making each event safer. It  also gets you access to some of the great offers coming soon provided by our partners.

  • $20 per annum – Join

Personal Accident Cover

All members must have Basic Membership.  We additionally offer personal accident cover options.

Driver/Co-Driver Cover – ( compulsory )
Crew Cover – ( Optional )

Each Member must create their own account (1 order per person), not one person for multiple members due to terms of membership. Your account will allow you access to the forums, member offers and email notifications about the DSP offroad community.