The Road Less Travelled

Insurance for Offroad Competition Events

Welcome to Dirt Sports Protect Ltd, bringing the offroad scene together to protect our sport and the awesome people that make it happen.

Protecting the Sport

Dirt Sports Protect Ltd works with event organisers / promoters to reduce the risk to the humans who run and compete in our sports. We want to see that our today’s motor sport can continue for a long time into the future – we need to Protect our Dirt Sports and all involved with them.

Protecting the Individual

Dirt Sports Protect Ltd was created to insure you: to provide you with financial assistance when doing the thing you love goes a little pear-shaped and you find your in a world of pain. We want to support you back on your feet so you can get back to doing what you love as soon as possible. Get Covered

Protecting the Community

Dirt Sports Protect Ltd aims to help foster a community for all participants. A place where you can alert people of concerns, a place where you can learn (new techniques, new trails, new skills), a place where you can meet (like-minded offroad enthusiasts and start your next offroad adventure). Join the forums